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Here are the 3 government-run scholarships and how to apply

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Here are the 3 government-run scholarships and how to apply


Federal Government has announced it scholarship award for Nigerian students

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The Nigerian Scholarship Board (NSB) has announced that the Federal Government of Nigeria runs only three higher educationscholarship schemes.

According to NSB, the three scholarship schemes the government runs for Nigerian students are the Bilateral Education Agreement Awards, Nigerian Awards and Commonwealth Awards.

Here are the processes for the three schemes as explained by the Nigerian Scholarship Board.

1. Bilateral Education Agreement Awards (BEA)

The Nigerian government runs this scheme in agreement with 12 countries, namely: Algeria, China, Cuba, Egypt, Hungary, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Candidates for the BEA are selected on merit by the board from across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory through an examination conducted in collaboration with the state government officials.

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Minister of Edication, Mallam Adamu Adamu


Mode of examination

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board is in charge of conducting the computer-based examination for the BEA awards. The board releases the results indicating the candidates’ states of origin and performance. The NSB then presents a data from which the donor countries pick the beneficiaries.

Call for application

Applications for the awards open in December and closes at the end of January. Candidates are allowed to choose two countries.


An applicant must possess five distinctions in school certificate examination or general certificate of education at one sitting, including in Mathematics and English. FSB, however, said this process is being reviewed due to many Nigerian students not passing English and Mathematics with distinction.

The applicant cannot write the scholarship examination an independent candidate, but in the school attended by the applicant and at first attempt.

The O’Level certificate of an applicant should not be more than two years old. However, some countries prefer the O’Level not exceeding one year.

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2. The Nigerian award

This is the award the federal government designed for Nigerians according to their states of origin but they are not given at entry level.


Thestudents can only applyafter completing 100 level or Part One with a CGPA of 4.0 on a scale of 5. That is, each candidate must score 80 percent average score in all the subjects. When the beneficiary’s CGPA drops from 80 percent, the candidate forfeits the scholarship automatically. But if the CGPA is maintained, the federal government sponsors the candidate till graduation.

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The age limit for undergraduates is 20 years. The candidates will not be selected if they are below 18 years. The maximum age for post graduate studies is 35 years while the age limit for doctorate degree is 40 years.

Call for application

The site opens in December and closes in March.

Candidates can visit www.education.gov.ng, then click on federal scholarship board and click on any award of choice.

3. Commonwealth Awards

The FSB said the applicant can only fill the form on the federal scholarship website when the Commonwealth secretariat demands the opening of the website. The Commonwealth countries Britain and countries that were its former colonies. They all use English as official language.

The secretary of the board, Fatima Ahmad, said selection for the awards is done through the FSB but the Commonwealth sponsors everything.

Call for application

The application opens in December and is concluded in March.

The board said only 17 people received the scholarship in 2017.


Commonwealth Awards is for postgraduates and doctorate degree applicants only.

Applicants must possess Second Class Upper to apply for the post-graduate studies.

For doctorate degree, a candidate must possess a 2-1 at B.Sc level and a 2-1 at Masters level.

But a 2-2 at B.Sc level with a first class in M.Sc level can also apply.

Candidates can visit www.education.gov.ng, then click on federal scholarship board and click on any award of choice.

  • Source:www.pulse.ng
  • Date:2018-04-05 10:10
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